About Us

We are a non-profit fighting for all ocean and marine life. To take action, we must start with the core of all marine homes - coral reefs. By partnering with existing non-profits and organizations, our purpose is to gather information on existing coral health specific locations. By doing so, we can share information to educate our communitites and keep our beautiful ocean reefs alive. Join us in our adventures! ​

Jim Forni

Jim is the founder of Clean Reefs. Creating Clean Reefs was a concept developed from his admiration for the Ocean. As a health care professional, he majored in Marine Biology at the University of California Santa Barbara. He is a US Coast Guard Captain, avid waterman, and is passionate about making a positive change in Marine health. His goal is first, to create awareness in family, friends, and community and eventually globally by partnering with larger non-profits. In addition to creating awareness, he will head expeditions targeted for the Northern Caribbean islands. These expeditions will provide a source to document coral reef health and devastation from our human footprint as well as natural causes.  


Cantlen Forni

Cantlen is the director of Clean Reefs. As a recent graduate of the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, where she earned a degree in Environmental Communications, she strives to make her community aware of serious environmental issues that impact our world now and the future. She develops social media and website content to educate the public. Cantlen has a passion for Marine Conservation and has had a love for and protecting the ocean her entire life. As an avid Scuba Diver and open water Sailor, she is fascinated by the tiniest of marine life and is most comfortable in or under the water. Her goal is to make an environmental impact by assisting the team in Communications and Business Development as well as, ocean documentation and beach clean ups. 


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ALex Straw

Alex Straw is a recent graduate from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, where he earned a degree in Coastal Ecology from the college of Natural Resources Environmental Management. Alex has years of experience within the Marine Environment, whether it be field work, including estuaries and coastal regions. He works as the Special Relations Director, assisting Clean Reefs in National and International support. Alex leads photography and videography as Clean Reefs heads beach/ocean documentation and clean ups. Additionally, Alex is an avid Scuba Diver as well as a Sailor. His contribution to sailing and diving expeditions to the Northern Caribbean has been instrumental.


Peyton welling

Peyton is our digital Communications Manager. She engages with our followers via Instagram and Facebook, giving them updates on Clean Reef’s current projects. She also uses social media as an educational platform to raise awareness for the health and survival of coral reefs. Peyton is just starting at Hawai’i Pacific University, where we pursues her dream in Marine Biology. As a Clean Reefs member and Student, she is constantly engaged within her local environment, both within her community and issues around the world.