On our latest expedition to the Northern Caribbean we had the opportunity to document the health of coral all over the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. Some of the reefs were healthy and alive, some were completely dead, and some of the reefs were showing signs of a healthy regeneration. Below are photos of both our expedition vessel, a Balance 526, and some documentation of our dive sights.


Field observers, documenting Stony quote tissue loss disease through the windward Islands.

Document and report to local Fisheries mortality of Black (long spined) sea urchins from Bequia to Grenada.

Promote education locally through scuba dive operators and local dive participants.


Grant issued to Patrick Nichols to enable research using eDNA at University of Hawaii. Research ongoing.

Partner with Reef Keepers VI to maintain Coral nurseries and out plant Coral fragments, restoring the reefs.

Document progression of Stony Coral Tissue Loss disease through the Virgin Islands